Your Favorite Movies Say a Lot About Your Politics

movie popcornWhether we like it or not, we live in a red vs. blue country. But our differences don't just stop when we move away from discussing abortion, education, climate change, energy, Wall Street, etc. Apparently, we're equally divided on, uh, slightly more trivial things ... like Sean Penn and The Social Network. A new poll from The Hollywood Reporter found Democrats and Republicans simply don't see eye to eye on entertainment.

For instance, Republicans seem to favor family flicks, like The Sound of Music, It's a Wonderful Life (although I'm certainly a fan of both, despite being a Dem!), and Secretariat, whereas Democrats prefer Bonnie and Clyde, The Silence of the Lambs, and The Social Network. In other words, the GOP are all about sentimentality, and libs are way cerebral!


Hmmm ... interesting, eh? It's kinda reflective of not only the stereotypes associated with both parties, but really how members of each seem to behave in politics! Maybe there's something to this. After all, the poll also found that 45 percent of Tea Partiers consider a celeb's politics before paying to watch his or her movies, compared to 35 percent of Republicans and 20 percent of Democrats. (In other words, Tea Partiers seem way less open-minded and tolerant of people with different beliefs! Imagine that!)

Also, it's really no surprise that Dems avoid Charlton Heston flicks, since the guy was the NRA president. And 36 percent avoid the racist drunk Mel Gibson -- no shocker either! We all know Republicans hate Michael Moore -- 60 percent said they won't see his movies, but 40 percent avoid Sean Penn, too.

And apparently Dems head to the theater more often, while Republicans wait to go to Blockbuster. On average, blue voters have seen 5.7 movies in a theater in the past six months, compared to less than four for red voters.

While this is amusing, the bottom-line is that regardless of the topic we disagree on, divisiveness doesn't get us anywhere. Maybe that's why we should try to focus on the things we can agree on -- like Clint Eastwood and Forrest Gump, for instance. No, seriously. The Hollywood Reporter poll showed people on both sides of the aisle dig the auteur and the classic Tom Hanks flick. And we both like popcorn! See -- Obama can just get Eastwood to host a screening of Forrest Gump where they serve up boatloads of freshly popped popcorn! And there ya go -- the answer to making things work in Washington!

What do you think about this poll's findings?


Image via Kathleen Dagostino/Flickr

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