Bad Ass Athlete Wants to Run a Mile ... On the Moon (VIDEO)

running shoesYou know how every day when you wake up, you tell yourself that you're going to run a mile, or for 15 minutes, whichever comes first? Well, Jonathon Prince of Los Angeles is actually doing it. On the moon.

Prince, who ran from Los Angeles to New Orleans and then on to Atlanta in 2005 to raise money for Habitat for Humanity post-Hurricane Katrina, recently started his "Mile on the Moon" project, which he hopes will ignite the imaginations and expand the horizons of new generations. He explains, "It's imperative to keep dreams alive because that is how we evolve. I believe this world will be a better place when more people start dreaming again and -- more importantly -- put action behind their dreams."

Sooo ... you're seriously going to go for a jog ... on the moon?


In addition to inspiring humanity to dream big, Prince hopes to become the first ever "space athlete." Why? Because it's bad ass. But despite the fact that he's a veteran runner, Prince has a lot of training to do before he heads off in 2016. Things he's used to here on earth -- gravity, lack of buoyancy -- won't be present in outer space, so he's currently running 100-120 miles a week, and says he needs to "reprogram everything he thought he knew about running."

And then there's the issue of how he's going to get there now that NASA retired its space shuttle program this year. Well, like anyone who has a hankering for silver-suited martians, he's going to have to take the private route. As of now, he's planning on boarding a rocket being developed by Space Exploration Technologies.

Now I realize that I'm not a runner, and barely a walker, and I don't have much experience off of earth, but this sounds a little crazy to me, actually kind of dangerous. But it also sounds ridiculously awesome! If Price can pull this off, well, he's the man, plain and simple. I'll be rooting him on from my couch in sweats with a salty bowl of popcorn. Do you, Jonathon.

Check out the video.

How cool is this?

Image via minorissues/Flickr

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