Teen Hoodlums Risk Jail to Protect Kids From Pedophile

blank CDHow's this for the weirdest sentence you'll read all day? A set of teen burglars is a California town's new heroes! Weird, yes. But they just got a pedophile off the street. Anyone who has the chutzpah to walk into a police department and admit, "I broke into So-and-So's place, and I'm here to tell you because the dude's got a place full of kiddie porn" deserves a little break on the whole "criminals are the scourge of society" shtick.


The story goes that the teens were up to no good when they broke into the barn of 54-year-old Kraig Stockard. They grabbed what they thought were 50 blank CDs and took off for parts unknown. But then they put them into a computer and found a whole load of really naughty, dirty, filthy sicko stuff.

Now here's where it gets good. They took them straight to the cops, and Stockard is facing a raft of child pornography possession charges.

Good for the kids!

It may not seem like much, but we're talking about teenagers here. They could have just said, "Man! Gross!" smashed the CDs, and moved on. In fact, I seem to remember enjoying smashing things a lot more when I was that age (and I didn't think about having to clean up all the pieces). Instead they faced up to doing something really wrong in order to achieve a greater good.

They got a pervert who hurts kids off the streets. Because even if all Stockard was doing was sitting at his own home filling up computers and discs with these images, he was part of the system that creates demand for these images. The higher the demand, the more kids are abused and forced to appear in these images. It's a sick cycle, and two teenagers who started the day as the kind of losers who would break into a barn to steal CDs ended it as heroes.

So far the kids aren't being charged, although it's up to the DA. Do you think they should get a break?


Image via downhilldom1984/Flickr

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