Quadruple Rainbow Photo Becomes Clearer if You Drop Acid

Not photo of quadruple rainbow.
So this is kind of annoying. An amateur rainbow chaser (not to be confused with a professional rainbow chaser, I suppose) has caught on camera the first ever quadruple rainbow. Quadruple rainbow, you say? YES, I say. The hunter was just looking for a triple one, a phenomenon so rare it's only been recorded five times in the past 250 years, but happened to stumble upon this fourth-order rainbow and snap a pic. Now scientists and weather nerds are losing their minds. Here's where it gets super irritating.

I only see 1.5 rainbows in his picture and I'm starting to think this whole quadruple rainbow thing is a total scam.


Am I right? Is this some sort of optical illusion that only hippies can see? After staring at it for a while, and only seeing one and a half rainbows, I put on my Birkenstocks, parted my long hair in the middle, and tried looking at the pic again. No dice. Then I tried refocusing my eyes like we all learned how to do back in the '90s when those damn Magic Eye posters were all the rage and still I didn't see four rainbows. Pissed.

Apparently, I'm not the only one with this problem. Rainbow researchers concede that, yes, you can only see two rainbows in the photo, but they swear that the third and the fourth rainbows are there, you just, uh, can't see them, because, uh, they're on the other side of the sun, or uh, some other load of BS.

Whatever rainbow researchers, whatEVER. The man who shot this elusive "quadruple rainbow" says it was just as exciting as discovering a new species, and while I'm happy for the guy, I'd also like to make an announcement of my own and reveal that I have found a quadruple-headed mouse in my apartment but you can only see 1.5 of his heads in the photo. This was after I dropped some acid, though, and I started seeing four of everything. What! How else was I supposed to see the quadruple rainbow?!

Sigh. I just wish I could see it. Is that so wrong? It's the first quad rainbow to be seen outside of a laboratory that views them at higher elevations, so it's a little slice of history. Seems pretty cool. Hey. You know who else would think this is really awesome? The "double rainbow" guy. I bet he could see the four bows clear as day in the picture. He might have an aneurysm though, so maybe we should keep this discovery between you and me. That and the acid part. OK cool. Good talk.

For old times' sake, let's watch the double rainbow guy freak out:

Have you ever seen multiple rainbows in the sky?


Photo via santafeegret/Flickr

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