All Child Molesters Should Be Chemically Castrated

sex offenderWay to go Russia. The nation is getting serious with child molesters, and the Russian Parliament this week passed a bill to give them what they deserve -- chemical castration for those found guilty of sex crimes against children under 14. Repeat offenders will face life in prison.

The move is in response to Russia's growing rates of sexual crimes against children. According to an article in the Boston Globe, the number of sexual crimes against children rose three- to fourfold in the past 10 years. And rise or no rise, it's the right thing to do. As far as I'm concerned, anyone who commits a sexual offense against a child should be chemically castrated.


One Russian official even argued in favor of PHYSICAL castration. I'd almost go that far, but not quite. But I see no argument against the chemical castration -- in which synthetic progesterone is injected into the offender's body to kill sexual desire -- of those found guilty of such heinous crimes. I only wish the castration was permanent instead of requiring regular injections.

While there are some states in the U.S. that allow for chemical castration such Louisiana, California, Oregon, and Arizona, I would like to see the practice of chemical castration spread far and wide throughout the land. If these predators so recklessly and selfishly violate a child, the loss of their sexual desire is a very small price to pay. Children often suffer a lifetime of debilitating effects after being abused, and a couple of years in jail doesn't begin to make up for the crime.

Opponents say it violates human rights, but molesters violate a lot more than the human rights of the children upon whom they prey. There is also some disagreement as to how effective the technique is, but if it saves even a few children from the hands of these monsters, then I say it's worth it.

The Russian bill still needs the approval of the Federation Council and President Dmitry Medvedev's signature. Hopefully that will be forthcoming, and other nations will soon follow suit.

Do you think chemical castration is a just punishment for repeat sex offenders?

Image via kevinspencer/Flickr

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