Dinosaur Tracks Found in Arkansas Bring Out the Kid in Us

dinosaursResearchers in Arkansas have uncovered huge dinosaur tracks on private land in the southwestern part of the state. The fossilized footprints are between 115 million and 120 million years old and some are about two feet long by one foot wide. Totally rad! Scientists say the prints probably came from a few different species of dinos, such as the T-Rex-like giant predator, Acrocanthosaurus atokensis, and huge, plant-eating long necks.

The quality of the tracks is excellent and they're helping experts learn a ton about what life in Arkansas was like during the Early Cretaceous period. Sounds kinda boring but it's actually super awesome. Get ready to geek out about some dinos!


So far the prints have revealed that the Arkansas of 120 million years ago was hot, muggy, and salty. Back then, the state was on the edge of North America and was a marshy, coastal mudflat. They say that there must have been a bunch of dinos in that area, even though it was a harsh environment, and they'll continue to study this site with prints for years to come. They'll try to figure out what the animals were doing in this area since it's not likely they were there to take advantage of river-boat gambling or to catch a Razorback football game.

As far as I can tell, the National Science Foundation isn't accepting volunteers to work in the print field, which is kind of a bummer. I've seen Jurassic Park and The Land Before Time upwards of 25 times each, I look great in bandannas, and I would be all for BYO toothbrush to excavate, but I guess they only want "professionals" with "paleontology degrees." Lame.

I won't hold it against them, though. Dinosaurs are such a source of fascination and wonder for kids 1 to 92, and I can't help but get a little giddy thinking about the giant creatures ruling the Earth, and Arkansas. The world's biggest predator was hanging out in the Natural State, hunting its prey and fighting the good fight to stay alive and keep kicking ass. And long necks were there too, munching leaves off trees and having baby Littlefoots. For lack of a better phrase: COOL, huh!?

Do you find dinosaur discoveries interesting?


Photo via Peter Rivera/Flickr

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