'Bad Lip Reading' Makes Political Speeches Worth Watching (VIDEOS)

bad lip reading obamaThe funniest thing to hit the Internet since Charlie bit a finger is definitely "bad lip reading." The bad lip reading crew has taken on political speeches and campaign videos and over-dubbed them with words and lyrics that match the speaker's mouth movements in a totally realistic way. It's hard to explain (clearly), but once you see the video, you'll get what I'm saying. All you really need to know is that it's freaking hilarious. I mean, they make it look like Obama opens a speech with: "Go to hell you say? Bitch! Just zip it."


Obama goes on to "say" that he's really upset about the lack of pork chops in summer, and that we should "creep in the frozen aisle and think one thought, trick the bridesmaid and get her to take it off." It's comedy gold.

The bad lip reading peeps aren't partisan, though; they go after GOP candidates Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann, too. They turn Bachmann into a hunting fiend with a Facebook fetish for boring seagulls and Rick Perry’s morphed into a Texan who’s bored by famine and is just looking for some pretzels for his gas jet.

If you only have time for one video, I think Obama's is the funniest. It really looks like he's saying these things! They're all must-watch though since they're the kind of thing that everyone's going to be talking about for weeks. There are bad lip readings of celebs like Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars, but I think the political ones are by far the funniest. I can't wait to see whose lips get badly read next because lord knows I cannot get enough.

WATCH Obama's bad lip reading:

And Rick Perry's:

And Michele Bachmann's:

Do you think bad lip reading is hilarious or what?


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