Body of Queen's Stalker Discovered Near Buckingham Palace

queen elizabethEver since the royal wedding, Kate Middleton and Prince William have been all the rage. Their every fascinating move is documented with great zeal, and the public cannot seem to get enough of them. They're riveting. What I'm trying to get at here is: One would think if a member of the royal family was going to have a stalker, it would be one of them.

Turns out, that's not the case. Well, maybe it is. I don't know, I'm sure they've each got a stalker or two, but the royal person with the mother of all stalkers is ... Queen Elizabeth. Why? Oh, because a rotting corpse that was discovered on a little island near Buckingham Palace was just identified as Queen E's stalker. Rotting corpse always wins.


The body, which was discovered on March 15 of this year by a gardener working on behalf of the Royal Parks, was recently revealed to belong to Robert James Moore. Mr. Moore, who moved to England in 2007 from the United States (where he had previously been in trouble with the police for drunk-driving), sent the Queen hundreds of “strange and offensive” packages over a period of 15 years, some of which included obscene photographs and “peculiar” letters that ran up to 600 pages. He also sent a copy of his passport along with boxes falsely warning that they contained dangerous substances.

Investigators determined that Moore must have been living on the island, which has an "excellent, unimpeded view of the palace" on and off for years. When the gardener discovered him, he was surrounded by empty vodka bottles and a decayed yellow cushion. They determined his body had been there for about three years.

As creepy as this is, I dunno, it's a little sad, no? I mean, granted, the fact the man is dead makes him a little more sympathetic, but it's really depressing that nobody discovered him for three whole years. Didn't anyone wonder where he was?

He still was a stalker, though. And a scary one at that (600-page letter?). At least he died doing the thing he was most passionate about.

How ... bizarre is this?


Image Michael Gwyther-Jones/Flickr

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