Awesome Teen Saves Woman From Menacing Deer Attack

deer attacksThe worst thing I have to worry about when I'm jogging in the morning along the path by my house is my dog tripping me or a bug flying into my eye. But a woman in Idaho named Sue Panter had to confront something much more life-threatening on her morning jog -- a menacing deer, which charged her, threw her off the road, then attacked, piercing her legs, neck, and shoulder with his sharp antlers.

Sue figured she was a goner -- that is until 17-year-old Alexis Vaughan came to her rescue. Just listen to what this bad ass teen did to save Sue from the angry buck ...


The Vaughans were driving by when they caught sight of Sue by the side of the road being attacked by the deer. Alexis immediately jumped out of the car and started punching and kicking the deer. When the teen's dad came to her aid, the deer turned on him. That's when Alexis grabbed a hammer from the car and beat the deer until it ran off into the cornfield. Here's Alexis herself explaining what was going through her head at that very moment:

You get out of the car and the first thing you see is that much fear in somebody's eyes. You don't have time to think. That's one thing that stuck in my head all weekend was that look in her eyes and her saying, 'help.'

Of course, I don't condone violence. But even a pacifist like myself has to admire this teen for her bravery. You've really got to hand it someone that young and resourceful who can stay calm and come through in an emergency -- especially one as crazy as this. Sue, for her part, pulled through and is recovered from her wounds. She says she is truly thankful Alexis and her dad were in the right place at the right time.


Image via jans canon/Flickr

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