Help a Military Widow Get Back Her Husband's Wedding Band (PHOTO)

wedding band Aaron Vaughn
Aaron's wedding band
On August 6, Kimberly Vaughn lost her beloved husband and father of her two kids Aaron Vaughn. Aaron was a Navy SEAL, serving our country in Afghanistan and devastatingly one of the 30 Navy SEAL Team 6 men killed when their helicopter was shot down not even a month ago.

Heartbroken, Kimberly has been wearing Aaron's wedding band on her thumb as a small token of comfort. No doubt the ring served as a simple but tangible object that she could reach down and touch during her darkest hours of grief. This past weekend, however, adding heartbreak atop heartbreak, Kimberly lost the ring while traveling home to Virginia Beach from Texas.

Can you help her get the ring back?


Vaughn has launched a Facebook page called Find Aaron Vaughn's Wedding Band in hopes that the social media site's vast reach can help her get Aaron's ring back.

Kimberly told The Washington Post:

I don't need a ring as a reminder of our love. But it meant so much to me, and it is devastating to have it gone.

So sad! We need to help her find this ring!

Aaron's ring is silver and has Kimberly's name engraved on the inside. On Saturday, Vaughn traveled from Houston, Texas via Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport through the Charlotte, North Carolina airport on her way back to Washington, DC. She more fully outlines the steps of her travels over on the Facebook page. Perhaps you are traveling or live in the vicinity and can help keep an eye out for this very special ring.

Sending loads of love and prayers to the Vaughn family.

Do you keep a special token close to remember a lost loved one?


Image via Facebook

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