Amanda Knox Homecoming Clouded By Uncertain Future

Amanda Knox returned to the United States Tuesday night, triumphant but emotionally overwhelmed after spending all day on a plane from Rome to London and then to her hometown of Seattle. It's impossible to imagine what it must feel like to finally return home to the place she must have once wondered if she would ever see again. But the triumphant return isn't without its difficulty.

What is next for the sudden celebrity? Her four years of imprisonment may have ended, but the lesson for Americans studying abroad shouldn't be lost.

Knox could be any of us.


I lived in both Italy and London for two semesters while I was in college. One of the first things we were told when we arrived was, "Italian laws, Italian rules. You do something here and you are in their courts."

In many ways, the Knox case became bigger than what it was exactly because of that. So many who saw Knox as the innocent abroad were appalled by the Italian justice system. But then she was in Italy playing by their rules. Upon her return home, Knox said:

I am really overwhelmed right now. Thank you to everyone who has defended me who has believed in me and who has supported my family. My family is the most important thing to me and I just want to go home and be with them. 

For now, she may want only to be with them. But that quiet will likely be short-lived. She will have offers in the millions. Her book and interviews would each garner a $10 million deal, possibly more. And any movies would keep her set for life. But what Knox has said she most wants to do is help other young people in situations like this.

And who could blame her?

There was a certain helplessness to her situation. She was at the mercy of a court she neither grew up with nor understood all that well. It isn't an uncommon story, though cases usually don't rise to the level of Knox's.

These laws in foreign countries can be insanely different. It’s illegal to ride a motorcycle shirtless in Thailand, for instance. And in France, you can't kiss at a train station. It's impossible to know every single law in every single county.

As Knox readjusts to life in the US, she has a ton of support from people who always believed she was innocent. Though no one would blame her if she cashes in and builds herself a nice nest egg, it would also be nice to see her use her infamy for good and to help others who find themselves similarly treated in foreign countries.

Welcome home, Amanda Knox. This isn't the last we will see of her. Not by a long shot.

What do you think Amanda should do now?


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