Grouchy Driver Kicks Crying Baby Off Bus

oregon busBuckle up folks, there's an evil bus driver on the loose. On Thursday, a mother on Portland, Oregon's public transportation bus service was kicked off when the driver allegedly told her that she couldn't drive unless the woman was able to quiet down her crying baby. According to witnesses, the driver told her to give her baby a set of keys or something because she couldn't handle the crying while driving. When the baby didn't stop, the driver stopped the bus, went to the back to confront the mother, then the mom and baby were kicked off the bus. What?!

Unfortunately, the story gets worse before it gets better.


Witnesses say that the baby wasn't even crying that loudly, that it wasn't screaming or screeching, that the mom was trying to soothe the baby by rocking, shushing, and feeding it. "The mom wasn't sitting there indifferent," put one passenger.

The other bus riders were so appalled by the driver's actions that they got off the bus with the mother and baby. In fact, everyone got off the bus -- not one passenger could tolerate how the driver treated the woman and child. How great is that? I love that no one could bear the thought of continuing to ride the bus after a woman had been kicked off, in the dark, simply because her baby was crying. It's so good to know the world, or maybe just Portland, Oregon, is full of caring people who stand up for what's right.

The driver is currently under investigation and is on paid leave while the inquiry is conducted. Something tells me she'll be found guilty of bouncing the mom and her crying baby -- if 40 or so people saw you do it and reacted, that's gotta be hard evidence to dispute. And good. The driver deserves any punishment that's thrown her way.

You know what else? What kind of professional driver can't drive because a baby is whimpering 15-20 feet behind them? Is the driver that easily distracted? That alone should be cause for termination. This is a public bus -- a crying baby should be the least of the driver's problems. Also, any government employee in a public service job that displays such a lack of compassion needs to be fired. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of moms ride the bus every day with their young ones, and other drivers seem to handle a baby's cry just fine. Because they're professionals. And human. And they get it.

Everyone snaps, I get it, and it's possible this driver who has 10 years of experience just lost it, but that's no excuse. If the passengers' stories are confirmed, then the driver should be held accountable and let go from her job. I don't think she's cut out for it anymore.

Do you think a mom should be kicked off a bus if her baby is crying?


Photo via Ian Sane/Flickr

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