Occupy Wall Street Draws Odd Celebrity Crowd (VIDEO)

Yoko Ono Occupy Wall StreetThe Occupy Wall Street movement may be one of the biggest grassroots movements sweeping across our country right now, but there's one thing it isn't. Sexy. It doesn't have to be when you consider what the members of We Are the 99 Percent are fighting: corporate greed and fiscal irresponsibility. But it's just how "unsexy" the movement is that's made some of the celebrities jumping on board to support the civilian protesters shocking.

You expect the Susan Sarandons and the Jane Fondas and the Yoko Onos to get out there and fight the good fight. But this is a protest that's brought out some strange bedfellows. Just check out these unexpected celebrities on the Occupy Wall Street bandwagon:


Russell Simmons. The Def Jam founder is the third richest man in hip hop, worth some $340 million. Technically he's part of the "system." And yet his verified UncleRUSH Twitter account has been one of the most active users of the #OccupyWallStreet hashtag, with comments such as:

#occupywallstreet. Many in media dont know y ths politically astute kids R on wall street. Ans. Cooperations run ths country not the ppl

Deepak Chopra. The doctor who preaches ridding oneself of negative feelings showed up at a place where people are pretty angry: "Liberty Plaza" in downtown Manhattan, where Chopra spoke with protesters last night.

Mark Ruffalo. The Incredible Hulk actor has taken time out of his busy campaign against the oil and gas industry and, well, that acting career to "push his political views" because, as he says, as an American, it's his right to do so.

Alyssa Milano. The Charmed actress is hanging out with her newborn son these days, and Tweeting about his farts (yes, she's at that stage, when they're still cute). But she's not so caught up in baby-love that she has forgotten that it's important to spread the video of NYPD officers arresting the Occupy Wall Street protesters.

Roseanne Barr. She once butchered the national anthem in one of the worst celebrity sports acts of all time, but she was hanging with the protesters the other day in an attempt to further a campaign for the presidency:

Did you expect these people? Does their support make you more or less likely to join the cause?


Image via Twitter

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