Massive Fire in Waxahachie Is Last Thing Texas Needs (VIDEO)

waxahachie fireA fire at a chemical plant in Waxahachie, Texas erupted Monday when chemicals accidentally combusted while being mixed. The massive blaze was no match for the sprinkler system and shot flames 200 feet in the air. The black smoke plume and enormous fireballs could be seen for miles and nearby schools, homes, and offices were evacuated. The EPA will continue to survey the site, but as of now, they don't believe that the air, water, or land is contaminated.

Waxahachie, a town of about 25,000 people 30 miles south of Dallas, is reeling today from the explosion, but things are looking up. The fire is 95 percent under control and there were no injuries. Local residents report that they have headaches and that the air smells like ammonia, but so far everyone's OK. Which is such a relief; it's been a tough summer for Texas.


The out-of-control brush fire that has devoured over 35,000 acres of land and was said to have been gobbling up one residential home every four minutes is still burning southeast of Austin. That fire was so huge, it could be seen from space. Gulp. Named the Bastrop County Complex Fire, it was able to jump rivers and avoid capture -- as of early September, it was still zero percent contained.

And now the Waxahachie fire, oof. That hurts. But there's an upside to every downside. At least the chemical plant's fire is under control and hasn't hurt anyone. Authorities know how it started, know how to contain it, and know how to keep everyone safe. The paranoid Damages fan in me wants to scream out that no one is safe! The EPA's in the pocket of the chemical plant! Our children are going to have nine eyes and webbed feet! But I know better. I have faith that our government isn't as corrupt as an FX drama makes it out to be. (I hope.)

Just yesterday we learned that crazy hairy ants are taking over in Texas and officials were worried that if they got into a chemical plant, it would cause damage, and while I'd love to blame those stinkin' ants, looks like the ignition was purely chemical and accidental. And as soon as Governor Rick Perry can peel himself off the campaign trail, he's gonna have to deal with this exploding plant some way or another. His rank in national polls is sliding so maybe he'll go to Waxahachie and see about this fire. Maybe some photo ops with the brave firemen. Hey, can tea be used to put out flames?

WATCH the chemical plant fire rage:


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