Zombie Protesters Are No Laughing Matter for Wall Street

wall street zombiesAt first glance, the most recent rowdy bunch to join the Occupy Wall Street protests is silly, perplexing, and unsettling all at the same time: It's a crowd of 300 or so protesters dressed as zombies in white face paint, lurching past the New York Stock Exchange and eating fake Monopoly money. The scary, "blood"-streaked group may seem more appropriate on the set of a horror movie, but they are making their point loud and clear.

So, what in the world do zombies have to do with the protests against Wall Street?


It's simple, really: The protesters are portraying the financial fat cats as money-eating, corporate zombies. Here's one protester explaining the clever representation:

The zombie is a metaphor and symbol of corporate greed ... Let’s just do our best to embody zombie-ism ... get into the whole ‘Uggghhh, moneeeey!’ thing, you know?

We already knew that the anti-Wall Street movement is spreading beyond New York City as reports pour in of people staging similar-type protests in Chicago, Portland, Boston, St. Louis, and Kansas City, Missouri. And, it's no wonder: The NYC protests are striking a chord with many, many people who are angry about the economy and social inequality, and are eager to latch on to a movement that protests what they perceive as corporate greed.

They may look funny, but the addition of zombies to the protests should terrify workers in the financial sector even more because it is further proof that the movement is taking hold. There are few things recently that excite people more than zombies (as evidenced by the success of such shows and movies as The Walking Dead). Am I right? That everyone's favorite brain-eating monster has come to symbolize something that so many people hate is bad news for anyone who hoped the protests would simmer down by now. In fact, the zombies seem to be riling people up more than ever!


Image via david_shankbone/Flickr

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