Bear Attacks Couple -- In Their Own Living Room!

black bearIf you go out walking in the woods and get attacked by a bear, that's one thing, but when you get attacked by a bear in your own living room, well, that's just all sorts of freaky. But that's just what happened to a Pennsylvania couple who found a bear in their home early Monday morning.

According to a story on CBS, around 3 a.m., Rich Moyer heard his dog barking outside. He went to let him in, and a big old bear came in too. Can you imagine? Things got ugly quickly.


Before he knew what was happening, the bear knocked him to the ground. Trying to save his dog, he started wrestling with the bear. At some point, his wife, Angela, came downstairs, and saw the gruesome goings on in her own living room, and the bear knocked her onto the patio. Her husband then came to her rescue. He told the station:

After that I go outside to see what happened and I see the bear on top of her on the patio. And I literally dove in to take that bear off of her, and in doing that then, that's when the bear tried to make a meal out of me, and started tearing my head apart.

Talk about a living nightmare. Then suddenly -- for no apparent reason -- the bear decided to stop and walked on back into the woods. Rich ended up needing 37 staples and 37 stitches to put his head back together, and his face and arms suffered various scratches and puncture wounds. Definitely not as bad as it could have been, and he acknowledges that if he were a smaller man (he's 6' 6" and 300 pounds), he likely wouldn't be here. In another stroke of good fortune, the couple's 10-year-old son remained asleep upstairs throughout the whole ordeal.

So while I don't know how they're ever going to be able to look at their living room as the same relaxing place it once was again, it certainly could have been worse. And how many people can say they wrestled a bear in their own living room?

Have you ever come face-to-face with a frightening animal in your own home?

Image via Todd Ryburn/Flickr

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