Getting to Know the Real Meredith Kercher

Meredith Kercher
Meredith Kercher
A good portion of the world waited with bated breath yesterday as the jury deliberated for 11 long hours in the Amanda Knox case. And that same portion exhaled a giant sigh of relief when the 24-year-old was acquitted of the murder of Meredith Kercher after spending four grueling years in an Italian prison. Since 2007, we've been watching Amanda, and rooting for her. We saw her go from vibrant 20-year-old to frail, pale, tired woman. We know what kind of high school student she was, and intimate details about her relationship with ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito. She has become a celebrity, and in the coming months, she's only bound to get bigger. 

What about Meredith Kercher, though? The poor girl who was brutally murdered, the reason for the trial? What do we know about her? Sadly, not much, as she was not the star of this case by any means. I'm happy for Amanda's freedom, but in honor of Meredith, here are five things to know about Meredith Kercher.


Her nickname was "Mez." Born Meredith Susanna Cara Kercher, Meredith was known as "Mez" to her friends -- and lots of friends she had. She is often described as a person who made friends easily, was loving and intelligent, and had a dry sense of humor.

She and Amanda did not get along. Apparently at first, Meredith was welcoming toward Knox. But friends say that after a little while living together, Meredith grew irritated with Amanda's exhibitionist behavior (like her keeping a vibrator inside a clear bag in the bathroom they shared) and her refusal to do her share of the housework.

She was awarded a post-humous college degree. At the time of her death, Meredith was earning a degree in European Studies from the University of Leeds. As part of an exchange program, Kercher was spending one year at the University of Perugia. When she was killed, she had not yet graduated, so the University of Leeds awarded the student with a degree.

She was the youngest child. Meredith has a sister, Stephanie, and two brothers, Lyle and John.

She liked to go out and have fun. A friend of Kercher's, Natalie Hayward, recently spoke out about how Meredith was always looking for a good time. She said, "I still have text messages from her in which she persuaded me to go out in the evenings." The night before her death, Meredith had gone out with some friends to a Halloween party, where she dressed up like a vampire.

How bad do you feel for the Kercher family? Do you think Amanda Knox is innocent?


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