Amanda Knox Was Not the Real Victim

Amanda Knox is a free woman tonight, acquitted of murdering her roommate Meredith Kercher back in 2007 in Perugia, Italy. But as one family celebrates the release of their daughter after four years in prison, the other must continue to mourn their daughter and question all they believed about her murder up until now.

As far as the Kerchers were concerned, Knox and her former Italian boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito were guilty. They believed justice had been served and all the right people were behind bars. Now, everything has changed. And while no one would say an innocent woman should rot in a jail so far from home, it's also hard sometimes to remember that even in a success story so profound for one family, there is a devastating loss for another.

Meredith Kercher doesn't get to appeal her sentence. The Kerchers were, of course, devastated by the ruling.


Kercher's father, John Kercher, told The Mirror:

How could they ignore the evidence? There were 47 wounds on Meredith and two knives used. One person couldn't possibly have done that. What happens now? Does that mean the police need to look for more killers?

Regardless of whether you believe Knox is innocent, no one could argue that the Kerchers deserve what has happened to them. It has been a roller coaster and the woman they have vilified, who they think is responsible for the death of their child, will be back in Seattle, Washington before Tuesday evening.

Knox's side says this IS justice for Kercher. And certainly, if she were alive, she wouldn't want an innocent person to give up her life paying for the crime. But even still, it seems like Kercher's name gets lost in the hubbub.

To be sure, it's a sensational case full of beautiful people and salacious (and often exaggerated) stories of sex and drugs and political corruption, to boot. But at the heart of the case is a young woman who lost her life at 21. If the story is what it now seems -- a drifter broke into the home, assaulted, and murdered young Kercher alone -- then there is nothing sensational about it all. It's just a pure tragedy and a case of horrific timing. If only she hadn't come home that night. If only he had already been gone. 

Keeping Knox in prison wouldn't have been correct. But the focus shouldn't be on her and her triumphant return to the States. The focus should be on the Kercher family and helping them recover from this unexpected setback to what they once believed was justice for their daughter.

Meredith Kercher is the real tragedy.

Does this make you sad?


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