Cops Halt Traffic on Highway So Cute Bunny Can Pass (VIDEO)

bunnyForget New York -- this hip-hop tail is coming atcha straight from Arizona. Police in Phoenix stopped traffic on a freeway Thursday morning while they chased a foreigner off the road. They ran after the unpredictable beast as he jumped between lanes and hopped over pylons. Finally, the cops were able to race the little guy off the highway before anyone got hurt. Their culprit, a cute little furry bunny, was not asked to show a citizenship card nor taken into custody -- he's safely back to roaming free in his natural habitat.

Yes, this happened. Two lanes of traffic were closed as the chase went down and thankfully someone was able to catch a bit of the excitement on film. All I can hear while watching the footage is kill da wabbit, kill da wabbit, kill da wabbit!


Because it's all so silly! It's like a scene out of a cartoon down there and I can't help but feel for all involved: The cops, the people sitting in traffic, and the poor scawed wittle wabbit. Cops say they sprung to action because they heard reports of people swerving to avoid hitting the bunny, and that's not good for anyone.

The police look pretty hilarious here for sure, but I know their heart was in the right place. While the bunny wasn't going to cause any harm himself (worst thing it could've done was jostle a beverage in the cup holder as it went bumpity bump from the front tire to the back), when we try not to hit the cute little cuddlies, that's when things go wrong.

So I understand that the police were being proactive, and I appreciate that. And hey! If a bunny's life was saved in the process, all the better. I know this chase-the-wildlife-off-the-road routine isn't something every force is able to do every time there's an animal on the highway, but it's pretty cool that the Phoenix police were able to help out this time.

And I think (well, hope) that if you asked those people sitting in gridlock on their way to work Thursday morning whether or not they were sympathetic to the safety concern and the bunny's concern, they would say yes, yes they were. Unless Elmer Fudd was in the group, then we'd have some problems.

WATCH the cops chase Peter Cottontail off the road:


Do you think the police did the right thing?


Photo via wwarby/Flickr

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