'Andy Rooney Out of Context' Is the Best Send-Off Ever (VIDEO)

andy rooneyAndy Rooney, you will be missed! Sunday's episode of 60 Minutes will mark the beginning of the 92-year-old TV icon's retirement. Certainly he deserves a break at this point, having worked at CBS for over 33 years. But how can we ever say goodbye to the original Grumpy Old Man?

Luckily, the folks over at Holy Taco came up with a pretty good way to bid Rooney a fond farewell: By creating "Andy Rooney Out of Context," a montage of flim clips featuring some pretty hilarious one-liners (made all the more hilarious because they're, well, out of context).

I don't know if Rooney has actually seen it, or if he ever will. (Probably he would harumph in good-natured distaste if he did.)

The rest of us, however, are free to laugh really, really hard ...


I think my favorite line is, "One of the last things I want is a funny cocktail napkin. Just gimme a drink, please." Or maybe, "I know this is true, because I'm one of those know-nothing boobs."

No, no, my favorite is definitely, "Elastic bands are one of the greatest tools of modern times."

Oh, Andy. How will we carry on without you?

What will you miss the most about Andy Rooney?


Image via YouTube

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