Amanda Knox Latest News Doesn't Spell 'Optimism'

After nine months of appeals and five years in the making, the Amanda Knox case may finally be drawing to a close. A verdict in the appeal could be reached as soon as Friday, though it seems more likely that it will go through the weekend. And all Knox wants to do is feel the grass on her toes and the sun on her face.

She is "optimistic" in spite of it all and that makes her either inspirational or totally delusional -- your call. Personally, I am going with the latter. How many times does a girl have to fail before she gets it through her head that she is staying right where she is for a very long time?


Rudy Guede, the Ivory Coast drifter who was convicted (along with Knox and former boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito) of the murder of Meredith Kercher, claims that Knox was there the night of the murder. Bar owner Patrick Lumumba's (the man she accused of murdering Kercher) lawyers called her a "she-devil." It really doesn't look good for Knox and her "optimism" only proves exactly how delusional she is.

Regardless of whether you believe she is guilty of the murder or not (personally, I don't), no one could say she played it right in the first place.

Knox turned cartwheels in the police station, and she kissed her boyfriend and shopped for underwear after finding out her roommate was murdered. She did nothing to make people think she was sane, rational, and grieving the way most of us would if we found ourselves in this situation.

She has always, apparently, been "optimistic." Even as things have gotten worse and worse. Five years ago, I am sure she was "optimistic" that she would never be convicted, but sure enough, she was. Obviously, it never helps anyone to think negatively, but luck has never really been on Knox's side with this. As far as the media is concerned, she is guilty and should be locked up forever.

So will she get off? Maybe? Possibly? But I wouldn't hold my breath. And hopefully Knox isn't either. Because as much as she wants to feel that sun and grass, the Italian courts have never been kind to her before. Why would they start now?

Do you think she will go home in this appeal?


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