Pentagon Bomb Plot Brings Out the Worst in Americans

model airplaneA crazy plot to bomb the Pentagon and the U.S. Capitol was foiled by the FBI Wednesday when they arrested a 26-year-old Massachusetts man and al Qaeda supporter. Rezwan Ferdaus has a physics degree from Northeastern University in Boston and was planning to attack using a remote-control model airplane filled with explosives. Undercover agents had been working with Ferdaus and tracking him since 2010, providing him with defunct weapons and 25 pounds of fake explosives in order to reel him in.



Back in January, Ferdaus started giving the undercover federal operatives cellphone devices that could trigger bombs, which, he explained, could be used to kill U.S. soldiers overseas. Then back in May, he acquired the $6,500 model aircraft that he kept in storage. Even though he had the planes and the weapons, authorities say he was never really a threat.

He wasn't working with terrorists overseas and the FBI says he was inspired to carry out a violent act on American soil by watching radical Internet videos. Nice.

Kind of makes you wonder how many other Ferdauses are out there that we never hear about. The FBI clearly did a great job here, tracking and taking this guy down and arresting him for plotting an attack before any harm was done. I wonder though what sort of damage a model airplane full of explosives could've done to the Pentagon, but I'm glad I'll never have to find out.

Even though the federal agents did their job and everyone is safe, and I don't know why I'm surprised, but the comments left on the CNN blog are hateful and alarmist. Scrolling through over 2,400 comments, you'll see a lot of people demanding that Muslims be banned from the country, that Ferdaus suffer a horrible death, or that this was just a fake FBI plot to make us feel secure. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and of course anonymous Internet comment forums mostly bring out the worst in people, but bottom line is that we're safe, no one was hurt, and the perp is in custody. Now where did I put my high horse? Time to ride on off.

What do you think?


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