Fearless Ex-Marine Saves Woman From Would-Be Rapist

marine corps flagThere's good news and there's bad news. Let's start with the bad. At 9 a.m. this morning, a woman was pushed over a guardrail along a service road in Queens, New York by a would-be rapist. He dragged her into a wooded area, covered her mouth with his hand, straddled her, and ripped off her shirt. That's some seriously bad news.

Now time for the good! A former Marine was dropping off his 2-year-old daughter at her babysitter's house when he saw the terrifying scene go down. He quickly sprung to action, and quickly became a hero.

Brian Teichman, 31, served five years in Iraq and Afghanistan and says he just did what he had to do. Hell yeah, Brian!


He explained the incident to the New York Post:

My thought was "scream first, if he runs, you don’t need to worry if he has a gun or a knife." In the deepest scream I could, I said, "Hey get the f--k off of her!" He looked up at me and then ran down the hill, toward the west bound shoulder of the Parkway.

Thank goodness it worked! Teichman said that his Marine training made him not afraid of conflict, so it's no surprise that he got in there and got involved. He followed his stellar instincts and protected a woman from one of the worst crimes imaginable. After the attempted rapist was scared off, the former Marine carried the woman to safety. He says she was crying, shaking, and unable to walk. Cannot blame her.

While it's chilling to realize that there are rapists on the prowl at 9 the morning who would attack victims in broad daylight in front of other people, it's also equal parts reassuring to know there are people out there like Teichman who wouldn't hesitate to come to our defense. Actually, "defense" is an understatement. It's reassuring to know that there are people out there who jump in harm's way (the rapist could have easily had a gun), who put their safety second to that of the person being attacked, who follow their gut.

Teichman, like so many Marines, is a hero, on and off the battlefield. He says he doesn't feel like his good deed is done until they catch the guy, which just goes to show his dedication. He saved her from extreme trauma, and possibly death, and he's served our nation proudly -- I think his job is done here. At least for a while anyway. Thank you, Brian, for all you've done!

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Photo via *Gunslinger*/Flickr

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