Chris Christie Is Not Too Fat to Be President (VIDEO)

chris christieChris Christie, the New Jersey governor who has everybody wondering: Is-he-or-isn't-he running-for-President? is flat-out dominating the news and talk show circuits lately. And it's not really because everybody is waiting with bated breath to see whether or not he's going to announce his bid. It's because he's fat. Their words, not mine.

For a while now, Christie has been the butt of David Letterman's jokes. The Late Show funnyman just can't seem to get enough of them. Last night he actually ran a top 10 list entitled, "Ways the World Would Be Different if Chris Christie Were President." Ways included: "There would be a Secretary of Cake" and "The National Anthem would be Chili's classic commercial jingle 'I Want My Baby (Back Ribs).'"

But we expect this behavior from Letterman. It's his shtick. What's more surprising -- and disconcerting -- is that The View actually dedicated an entire segment to discussing whether Chris Christie is "too fat to be president."


During the heated discussion, an irate Elisabeth Hasselbeck said, "Imagine this conversation about an overweight female candidate. We would be beside ourselves." And she's right. The world would be beside themselves, watching women talk about another woman's weight in that manner. Letterman, lovable curmudgeon that he is, seems to have carte blanche when it comes to poking fun at both males and females. (See Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin.)

It seems like a silly conversation to have when discussing a potential president, especially when coming from women who, let's face it, are so often deemed vapid, unknowledgeable about politics, and obsessed with physical appearance. Also, the answer is: No, it doesn't matter. We've already had overweight presidents. Teddy Roosevelt, John Adams, William Taft, and, um, a little leader named Bill Clinton, who was depicted on Saturday Night Live eating a cheeseburger. (They're not exempt from jokes.) Also, let's not forget the fact that Obama's penchant for another bad habit -- cigarettes -- had no effect on his campaign.

This is a stupid conversation, and it's a shame the ladies of The View actually took time out of their show to discuss it. In case they are as unknowledgeable about politics as this segment made them seem, I'll leave them with this: Typically it's a person's platforms, their policies -- and money -- that determine whether or not they're going to be President. Not how much they weigh.

Check out the video.

What do you think about The View discussing this?


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