Woman With Live Grenade Stuck in Face Owes Her Life to Brave Doctors

woman with grenade in faceKarla Flores is now known in Mexico as the "Miracle Woman" and the nickname couldn't be more fitting. Flores was selling seafood on the street when she heard a loud explosion and felt an object smash into the side of her face. After an anonymous passerby rushed her to the hospital, doctors discovered the object lodged in her face was actually a live grenade. What's even worse?

The grenade could explode at any moment. One wrong move and anyone within a 32-foot radius of the woman didn't have a prayer.


Flores' story sounds eerily similar to that famous episode of Grey's Anatomy in which a patient has an explosive device lodged inside his chest and the Seattle Grace staff bravely remove it. Here, too, a team of courageous doctors saved the day. At first, no one would agree to operate on her to extract the device because they thought it was too dangerous. Finally, however, four brave people stepped forward: two anesthesiologists, a nurse, and a doctor.

In the Grey's episode, the staff evacuate the rooms around the patient during the operation in case the device exploded. But in this case, the team took Flores -- as well as surgical equipment and light sources -- to an open field. This way, in the worst case scenario, only the team and Flores would be killed. Under the guidance of two explosive experts from the Mexican army, the medical team successfully extracted the device.

Now, Flores has a huge scar and half as many teeth; moreover, she will have to undergo several operations in the years to come. But she owes her life to these miracle workers, who heroically stepped forward and did something many of us would be too scared to do.

Here's the video. Warning: Some of the images are graphic:


Image via YouTube

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