10-Year-Old Saves Mom From Abusive Boyfriend

dennis sullivanA 10-year-old boy in Holiday, Florida heroically saved his mom from her abusive boyfriend on Sunday. The boy apparently watched in horror as 46-year-old Dennis Sullivan pushed around his 37-year-old mom, hit her, and head-butted her to the ground. The mom told her young son to run outside and go to his grandfather's house down the street, but luckily, the boy didn't behave. He ran outside all right, but he didn't hop on his bike and ride to granddad's; he instead grabbed a weapon and went back into the house.

Sullivan started yelling at the youngster, calling him names and making fun of his deceased dad, then decided to go after the boy. It was then that the 10-year-old hit him square across the face with the shovel he found in the garage.


After the blow knocked Sullivan down, the boy and his mom fled the scene and were able to call the cops. Sullivan was arrested and, on the way to the hospital, threatened to kill his girlfriend, her shovel-happy son, and the deputy, then proceeded to kick out the back window of the cruiser and spit on the officer's arm. He's now behind bars (thank god!) and his bail's been set at $25,000.

Can you believe this ass-clown? I hope he's locked up for good. The fact that he not only abused his girlfriend but also threatened to kill a child seems like a crime worth punishable by a thousand needles to one's testicles, but I'm no law-enforcer. I also pray that this brave little boy is put in safe hands ... maybe this terrible boyfriend of his mother's was an anomaly, but you never know. If he's been exposed to this kind of violent abuse all his life, he's most certainly going to need love, support, and therapy.

But one thing's for sure: The youngin' has great instincts. He knew that his mom was in trouble and, without his intervention, she could be in grave danger. He did what he had to do to protect his mom, and thank goodness he did. Had he run to granddad's like he was told, the story could've ended very differently. I mean, if Sullivan was threatening to kill her, I'm apt to believe he would have.

It's a terrible story and there are certainly no winners. It's a shame that the boy was only able to demonstrate his bravery by coming to the defense of his mother and beating her abuser with a shovel, but at least mom and boy are safe tonight. And hopefully it will stay that way for awhile.

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Photo via Pasco County Sheriff

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