NJ Governor Chris Christie May Be Latest 'Idiot' in GOP 'American Idol' Race

jon stewartNew Jersey Gov. Chris Christie hasn't been the most popular leader at home, but the Republican National Committee seems to have a big fat crush on the guy. So much so that it seems like they're waiting with bated breath for him to step into the 2012 presidential race. Cuz, you know, a room full of clowns like Santorum, Bachmann, and Perry isn't enough. They need a full-fledged circus.

Actually, it's more like the GOP version of American Idol. That's what Jon Stewart said on last night's Daily Show. Commenting on how Rick Perry's poor performance at the most recent GOP debate (and, by the way, do they really need to have one of those like every five days?! What's up with that!) has intensified calls for Christie to run, Stewart said, "You want to add another candidate?! It’s like the Republican primary is a season of American Idol in reverse, where every week you just add some other idiot!" NO kidding!!


The GOP's inability to really get behind any of their candidates and continually think the grass is greener with someone else is actually pretty telling ...

If they were as confident about winning the White House next year as they'd like the American people to believe, they wouldn't be so damn wishy-washy about their candidates. They wouldn't be throwing their excitement and allegiance behind a new political savior from month to month. "It's Bachmann!" "It's Perry!" "No, it's Perry with Romney!" "Hey, is Sarah running? Do we even want her to?" "It's Christie!" "Oh, damnit, we're back to Romney now." ... Seems to me they're not really that positive they can accomplish what they keep promising their constituents: making Obama a one-term president.

It definitely has to do with the Republican base's attempt to find a candidate who appeals to their completely fractured party. Someone religious (with at least a tinge of racist) enough that the Tea Partiers will get behind them, yet someone who can prove they're conservative fiscally so old-school GOP voters will like 'em. Oh yeah, plus the ideal candidate has to have never muddied their rep by actually HELPING PEOPLE with something as "socialist" as health care (pfft, MITT!).

It's like what Jon went on to say:

It’s like your ideal candidate is a rare super-heavy element that could only exist in a particular particle accelerator. And even then only for a fraction of a second -- before you all remembered how much you hate science.

Hahaha, he's so on point! Being so desperate for a candidate who embodies all of the current Republican contradictions and niche causes (anti-gay, anti-abortion, while also pro-drill baby drill, pro-banksters, you know) shows the cracks in the GOP master plan. And this flighty, noncommittal attitude toward their own candidates should send a disturbing message to voters.

Do you agree with Jon Stewart that it seems like the GOP adds a new idiot every week? What do you think about Christie running?


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