Charlie Sheen Deal Proves Hollywood Is Totally Dysfunctional

Back before Charlie Sheen went insane and told us all he had tiger's blood and introduced us to the goddesses, he actually had a career. That all magically went away one week last spring when he lost his marbles and turned into a national mockery.

A few months later, however, he is winning after all. He has settled the $100 million wrongful termination case he had pending against Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre and Warner Bros. Television. And it looks like he is $25 million richer for it.

Not a bad haul, eh? And all he had to do was go nutso to get it.

Sheen had filed the $100 million wrongful termination lawsuit after he lost the Charlie Harper role on the hit sitcom earlier this year. The firing came soon after Sheen publicly ranted against Lorre in the media. Memo to Sheen: It's usually a BAD plan to badmouth your boss like that.


Only in Hollywood, La-la Land, the town where you can ride a sex tape to international fame and fortune, could you make anti-Semitic remarks against your boss, go insane on live TV, and generally act a complete, raging fool and still make $25 million.

If Charlie Sheen has lost his grip on reality, maybe it's because he isn't living it. There is just no other job in the world where a person could act like that and still come out richer for it.

Now, granted, he deserved the money. He had already done the work and the money was just the profits he would have received from it. Still, one would have to assume most contracts have a "don't be a raving psycho" clause, right?

So, good for Sheen -- who doesn't love a happy ending? -- but for those of us left shaking our heads wondering why we don't have his gig, here's a clue: We don't have tiger's blood.

Clearly Sheen can and will get away with everything his whole life. After all, he's got $25 million, and those of us who laughed at him? Have nothing. So who is winning, after all?

Are you surprised Sheen got the money?


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