Donald Trump's 'Star Power' Won't Save Republicans

donald trump on the apprenticeDonald Trump may not be running for president (yet), but he supposedly has a lot of pull on some of the people hoping to challenge Obama next year. The latest out of Camp GOP 2012 is that the Don is the go-to guy for Republican candidates who are looking for advice and/or "star power" in their court. Mitt Romney met with Trump for 45 minutes today, while Rick Perry dined with him earlier this month at a fancy NYC restaurant. Sarah Palin had pizza with Trump and his wife, Melania, in NYC last spring, while Michele Bachmann visited his penthouse in July. Herman Cain is next in line to meet with the Don.

It's like he's their freakin' guru all of a sudden! NIGHTMARE.

This just says so much, right? To me, it says, wow, the pseudo-successful businessman-turned-TV star must embody everything the Republican party prides itself on and stands for -- fake "reality," big business, greed, and the illusion of power.


If they can get the boss of The Apprentice to say he'd hire them, they're golden and ready to go to the White House! Ridiculous.

But it seems convincing GOP candidates Trump's a waste of time is a lost cause.

What's more important is whether or not voters care what Don says. Embarrassingly enough, the media seemed to think all the racist blather he was spewing about Obama's birth certificate a few months ago was important enough to broadcast. But do Americans really look to Donald Trump for who to vote in as President? Geeze, I sure as hell hope NOT.

He's nothing more than the "carnival barker" Obama insinuated he is. He's a distraction and barely an entertainer. If he comes out backing a candidate, the average American's reaction should be, "Oh crap, I think my DVR recorded the wrong show." There are plenty of more intelligent thinkers out there whose endorsement to a candidate should mean a lot more to a conservative voter. Any presidential hopeful leaning on Don should be ashamed and embarrassed. Not that I don't think it's hilarious to see the GOP candidates fight over who gets hired and who gets fired by Trump, but if they really want to win, they have to do a lot better than the seal of approval from a guy who is anything but a man of the people.

Do you care who Donald Trump endorses for President?


Image via NBC

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