Peaceful Wall Street Protesters Attacked by Brutish Police (VIDEOS)

wall street protestsVive la Revolution! Eat the Rich! There's a definite storm-the-Bastille vibe in the streets of NYC these days, with the Occupy Wall Street movement against corporate dominance in full swing. Except the protesters are mostly of the peaceful, sit-in variety -- you know, beating on drums, occasionally putting tarps over their food to protect it from the rain. It's the police who are storming the protesters, and there's plenty of disturbing video to prove it.

The footage is beyond disturbing, in fact. Women being sprayed with mace for ... standing on the sidewalk? Wait, wait -- standing on the sidewalk already confined by the orange netting used to corral stray protesters? Yeah, NYPD, that was really necessary.


Personally I'm on the side of the protesters -- as Thomas Jefferson said, "Every generation needs a new revolution," and clearly the current system could use a radical upheaval. But no matter what your take on corporate America, it's hard to argue with the fact that the police are being needlessly violent, especially since so much of that violence has been caught on tape.

Here are some of the most shocking Wall Street protest videos to date. Prepare to be outraged:

If you're wondering why this guy gets tackled, rumor has it he tried to talk to a police officer. Out loud.

It's literally painful to watch these women getting pepper sprayed. For no apparent reason whatsoever.

Watching these videos makes me feel sick, scared, enraged, and sad.

How do these videos make you feel?


Image via YouTube

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