Lawyer Blames Casey Anthony for Murderer’s Guilty Verdict

casey anthonyIf we can't blame Casey Anthony for everything, who can we blame, amirite? Well, that's the sentiment expressed by Kirk Kirkconnell, a Florida attorney who's defending a millionaire man who shot his wife -- and then called 911 and said, "I just shot my wife" -- at least.

Bob Ward, a successful real estate developer, who, fun fact, lived in the same posh town as uber-philanderer Tiger Woods, was recently found guilty of murdering his wife, Diane, in 2009. And his attorney isn't having it. In fact, he's not having it so much that he reached way down deep to the bottom of his bag of dirty tricks and pulled out ... Casey Anthony.


Kirkconnell, who immediately announced that he plans to appeal the jury's verdict, had this to say:

What happened to Casey Anthony certainly makes it more difficult for any defendant, probably anywhere in the state of Florida, to get a fair trial. I think there is a widely held belief, or prejudice, based on the Casey Anthony case because people may have felt that that verdict was not the proper verdict.

Yeahhhh ... that's why your client was found guilty. Casey Anthony. I'm sure the fact that there's an actual recording of him confessing to the crime, along with a fishy story, has nothing to do with it whatsoever. See, here's what happened ...

Ward had filed for bankruptcy about a year before Diane's death. His insurance company was threatening to sue him for $20 million, saying that he was using money made on the sale of real estate bonds to pay off personal debts and to buy ridiculous, ostentatious things, like a bevy of houses and a $140,000 car. And, weirdly, the night before ol' Diane was about to give her deposition in the insurance company's case, confirming that Bob had, in fact, gone on a Real Housewives-worthy spending spree, she was shot. And, again, then Bob called 911, saying that he shot his wife.

Fast-forward to the trial, Kirkconnell is claiming that Diane was actually suicidal and Bob was merely trying to stop her from shooting herself when the gun went off. When jurors didn't buy that and convicted Ward of second-degree murder, Kirkconnell blamed America's Most Hated Woman, Casey Anthony. I blame his being a sore loser.

There's no doubt in my mind that Casey Anthony is guilty of a lot of things, but this, this one time, is not one of them. Sure, she's made the world question the integrity of the American judicial system, but she's not a scapegoat for any and all trials in the state of Florida. Blaming her is absolutely preposterous.

So, Mr. Ward, if you're somehow reading this in your Florida jail, my suggestion to you is this: Get another lawyer. Because yours is a moron. And maybe next time -- just spitballing here -- if you want to get off on murder, don't confess to the crime.

How ridiculous is this Casey Anthony excuse?

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