Jon Stewart Has Best Reaction Ever to 'Helpless' Millionaires (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart

This is beside the point, but Jon Stewart's line about Subway restaurant smelling like a "loaf of bread that just took a s**t" was just about the funniest thing I've heard on his show recently. The skit was really about mocking conservatives who are complaining about Obama's plan to tax the rich and some very silly things some of them said recently. But Stewart's characterization of the fast food restaurant and how millionaires might want to consider feeding their families there to solve all their "problems" was nothing short of brilliant.


The two Republicans who starred in the mockfest -- Congressman John Fleming of Louisiana and Fox News host Bill O'Reilly -- said some pretty dumb things this week that threw themselves right into the hands of Stewart.

Stewart showed a clip of Fleming being interviewed about Obama's plan to raise the tax rate on millionaires to 50 percent, in which he cried woe-is-me in describing how he only brings in $600K a year, and then, throwing out some really bad math, says after "feeding" his family, he only has $400K to invest back into his business. Then the O'Reilly clip follows with the commentator promising he would "quit his job" if that plan went through.

The look on Stewart's face was so priceless that he didn't need to say anything more, but the ensuing commentary did not disappoint, either. Check it out:

Did you find this clip funny? Is Stewart right about Subway?


Image via Comedy Central

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