Idiot Calls Sarah Palin a 'Whore' to Bristol's Face (VIDEO)

bristol palinIf you know me a little, you know that I don't like Sarah Palin. If you know me fairly well, you know that I don't like her daughter, Bristol, either. But if you know me really well, you know that I can't stand the jackass that harassed Bristol at a bar, calling her mother -- and her, in so many words -- a whore.

Bristol was at the L.A. douche factory Saddle Ranch. For those of you who have never been there, or have never seen the fine reality show about it on VH1, it's a giant bar filled with Von Dutch trucker hats, $25 neon drinks, and a mechanical bull. Bristol was there, trying to unwind after a long work day by taking a gallop on said bull, when some a**hole yelled from the crowd, "Did you ride Levi like that?" before screaming, "You're mother's a whore."

When Bristol de-bulled, she went over to the heckler. And she actually schooled him. And here I thought a Palin could never win a debate.


The man, who remains unidentified, was sitting at the bar with his back to Bristol when she marched on over to him and asked him why he hated her mother so much. His answer? Because she's evil. When Bristol questioned him further -- i.e., asking him "Why is she evil?" -- the man would only offer more vagaries, saying things like, "Because she lies." He couldn't offer any real, concrete reason as to why his hatred for Sarah ran so deep; it was like he simply was programmed to dislike her without having to know a thing about politics.

As the two went back and forth, Bristol asked the man if he was a homosexual. To which he said, "Pretty much ... why'd you think I was a homosexual?" To which Bristol said, "Because I can tell you are." (So close to a perfect score, Bristol, so close.) The argument ended with Bristol, her friends, and her reality TV crew storming out of the bar.

This guy -- who thought he was, I dunno, fighting the good fight or something -- actually made the Palins look sort of good here, which is no easy feat. You don't go and call a young girl's mother a whore. Bristol is by no means a woman to look up to, but it's not like she was the one running for office. The only thing she ran away from is home.

And the fact that he had no hard facts or information to back any of his hecklings up, well, that just makes him look like a bigger douche. But I can't say that I'm surprised. He was hanging out at the Saddle Ranch.

Check out the video.

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