7-Year-Old Saves Mom's Life Then Heads Off to School

ambulanceDrew Champagnie, 7, is a third grader and a life saver. Earlier this week on Wednesday, Drew was just getting ready for school with the help of his mom when she suddenly started seizing and fell to the floor. The savvy little boy quickly called 911 and told the operator that his mom was shaking. He stayed collected throughout the whole call and calmly gave dispatchers his Brooklyn, New York address. The operator walked Drew through administering first-aid on his ailing mother while he waited for the ambulance to arrive.

And as he waited, a thought popped into Drew's mind. He just had to ask the 911 dispatcher about something that was bothering him: "Who's going to take me to school?" he said.


A scholar and a life saver! I love this boy. When the EMTs arrived, they found Drew's mom, 48-year-old Donna Gilkes-Champagnie, unconscious on the floor. She was taken to a nearby hospital where she's now in stable condition. Doctors say high-blood pressure is what caused the seizure. After the EMTs called Drew's father, he immediately rushed home from work to be at his family's side. It was then that Drew got the answer he was looking for.

After his mom was safely in the hospital, Drew's father took him out to breakfast, then on to school.

The FDNY recognized young Drew for his quick-thinking that saved his mother's life by swearing him in Friday as a Junior EMT. What a well-deserved honor for this young rock-star! Something tells me with his critical thinking skills and dedication to school work, Drew's going to grow up to be a successful young man.

Kudos to his parents for having taught their son what to do in an emergency -- dialing 911 saved his mother's life. Just think what could've happen if Drew hadn't picked up the phone. Scary stuff.

I love feel-good stories like these and I'm so happy for Drew and his family. What a terrific kid! Here's to a speedy recovery for his mom and to Drew never having to call 911 again.

Do your kids know how to respond in an emergency?


(PS: I couldn't find an explanation for why Drew is 7, yet is in the third grade. Usually third graders are around 9 or so ... )

Photo via puuikibeach/Flickr

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