Psycho Woman Pretends Child Is Hers to Get Back at Ex

babyJust when you thought the world was fully stocked up on off-their-rocker crazies, here comes Victoria Jones. Victoria, 23, is a teacher and avid Facebook user. Like many of us, she had a friend who uploaded a disconcerting amount of photos of her baby to the social networking site. But unlike many of us who merely "ooh" and "aww" at such photos (and perhaps rolls our eyes from time to time), Victoria stole 82 photos of the baby, posted them to her profile, and told her ex-boyfriend the child was his.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Wait 'til you hear her back story.


Jones told her ex, Daniel Barberini, that she had travelled to New York from their native England and had given birth to twins, Keira and Harrison. She said Harrison had Down syndrome and died shortly after he was born, but she and Keira had returned home to England for a spell, then up and moved to Australia. What Jones was actually doing during that time was working in a nursery school in Wales, sans any children of her own.

Did Daniel believe her? You bet he did. For 18 whole months. And who could blame him with an outlandish back story like that? Jones' story was foiled, though, when a friend of Barberini's saw the baby photos and recognized the child as someone else's. Daniel went to the police, and although an investigation was conducted, turns out nothing Victoria did was illegal.

So, what's her punishment? Well, nothing really. She's currently undergoing a disciplinary hearing that will determine whether or not she can keep her job at the nursery school. Some parents of students feel that the whole incident was just a "silly mistake." Others are threatening to pull their children from the school.

I must say, the fact that everything Victoria did is perfectly legal is kind of mind-blowing to me. She essentially stole from another person -- and not just pictures, an identity, in way. It's too bad the government isn't at least requiring her to, I don't know, admit herself into a mental institution, because this is all sorts of crazy. And despite the fact that incident had "nothing to do with any of her students," I still think she should be let go from the school. Because, again, she's all sorts of crazy. And who wants that around kids?

Do you think Victoria should receive some sort of punishment for her behavior?


Image via M Glasgow/Flickr

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