Hearing Details of 11-Year-Old Celina Cass' Murder Will Make It Easier for Everyone

When 11-year-old Celina Cass went missing, it was scary for everyone in Massachusetts and New Hampshire but particularly for those who lived in her small town. Then her autopsy was inconclusive and only now, nearly two months later, do we know for sure that it was murder. But that's all they're telling in order to not compromise the investigation. And while I understand and respect the decision, I'm still anxious to know what it is they found.

After all, I have children, too. My heart breaks for this family whose daughter went missing on July 25. A week later, her body was found about a quarter mile from her home. The autopsy results, however, proved inconclusive and the cause of her death remained a mystery -- until yesterday.

It was murder. But that's all they are saying. According to the New Hampshire attorney general:


The premature public disclosure of Cass’s cause of death could have an impact on the integrity of the investigation in a negative manner. The investigation into the facts and circumstances of Celina Cass’s murder remains active.

Obviously, I understand and don't want them to compromise the investigation. But all the same, I want to know. Hearing they won't tell us only makes the mind wander to the worst possible scenarios for the end of this poor little girl. And as a mom, it scares me.

Since the murder, Cass's family has fallen apart. Her mother and stepfather have split. Reportedly her stepfather Wendell Noyes had a breakdown and, though suspicion has surrounded him, no arrests have been made.

Knowing the gory details of how a child was murdered isn't a positive thing, but the reason to know isn't always just because of some sick fascination. There is also a practical reason. Do we need to worry? I don't want to know, really. Let's face it: A child is dead. It's a completely horrible thing.

But as a mom and someone who is trained as a journalist, I need to know. Was this someone she knew? Was she drugged? Did she drown?

Wanting to know these things doesn't make me sick. It makes me a normal mom who is worried for my own kids. Somehow if the details were more public, it could make it less scary. Nothing could make it less sad or horrifying, but less mystery is always a good thing.

The first priority is the investigation always, but I do hope at some point more information is available. Otherwise, we will always have to wonder and speculate.

My heart breaks for her family and I do hope that their little girl gets justice. Whatever that looks like.

Do you want to know what happened?


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