Jaycee Dugard Deserves Every Penny of Government Lawsuit

Jaycee Dugard was kidnapped from her life at the age of 11, held by Phillip Garrido as a sex slave, and forced to bear him two children during her time in captivity. Eighteen years later, she was rescued, but her life will never be what it would have been and much of that is the government's fault. Today, Dugard announced that she is suing the federal government and she deserves every penny she gets from them.

She says she won't keep it, but she really ought to. Her book A Stolen Life is the heartbreaking tale of all that she lived through with Garrido and his wife. They stole her innocence, her freedom, and her childhood and all that time he was under the "watchful" eye of the government.

Yes, Garrido was released from prison in 1988 and was supposed to be monitored all that time until 1999 when he was released and "thanked" for his good behavior. In a statement Dugard said:


In spite of two requests for private mediation in this case, the United States government has summarily rejected Ms. Dugard's requests. The federal government had parole supervision responsibility over Mr. Garrido from the day he was released in 1988 and remained responsible on the day she was kidnapped in 1991 through 1999.

No amount of money could make up for what Dugard and her two young daughters lost because of the government's poor management of Garrido. But it might help ease her future. 

She says any money from the lawsuit will go to the JAYC Foundation, a foundation she started to help families recovering from trauma heal through animal-assisted therapy and other techniques. It only proves even more what a selfless person she is, something that was very apparent in her book as well.

In many ways, the thing that makes Dugard special isn't what she went through. It's her resilience that makes her most compelling. She went through something that would kill so many others and yet she emerged still loving, open, and willing to give. How does that happen?

Whatever it is, Dugard is an inspiration. If she said she wanted to spend every penny she gets on Jimmy Choos, no one would argue she didn't deserve to do so. Instead, she wants to use that money to help others, proving once again that she is a better person than most of us could dream of being.

She deserves to and probably will win. And I, for once, support a lawsuit. There is nothing "frivolous" about this one.

Do you think she should win?


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