Sarah Palin's Personal Life Will Keep Her From Being President

Sarah Palin used to be a rogue, but now she is more like a fraud. The tell-all biography of Palin may be full of untruths, but even if it is, it doesn't matter. People believe it. And it looks like not only are her presidential hopes pretty well dashed, but she is also heading for divorce. Rumor has it that Todd Palin is sick of his spouse's scandals and wants out.

The book is devastating any way you look at it. If even one or two things writer Joe McGinniss mentions in his book The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin are true, she is sunk. The book alleges that she's a terrible mother, that she had a one-night stand with a basketball player, that she snorted cocaine off an oil drum with her husband, and that she had an ongoing affair with her husband's business partner. Ouch. 

The rumor is that Todd was so disgusted by Palin's brother saying in the book that their marriage is a sham that he finally wants out. Effectively, she has been destroyed. And good riddance.


It's no secret that Palin isn't the brightest bulb in the bunch. Her gaffes are almost as legendary as Michele Bachmann's. But let's get real here for a moment. Her personal life is only half the story.

Bill Clinton also had a ridiculous personal history littered with embarrassing sexual mistakes and affairs. Back then I said that a person's personal life has no bearing on their ability to be President. And that's true.

Palin can have sex with whomever she wants and still be a great President. But there is one big difference between Clinton and Palin: She has billed herself as the "hockey mom" with heart and McGinniss has cast some doubt on that. Can we believe anything she says?

Palin is the one who brought her family into it. She paraded her pregnant teenage daughter on a national stage, called herself a "hockey mom" at the Republican National Convention, and used her son Trig in as many political ways as she could to prove what a selfless, loving mom she was.

I couldn't care less how she is as a mother or wife except for the fact that she forced me to. And if she's bad at that? What would she do with things she cares less about? Or maybe she cares more about being President than her family. And if that's true, then she belongs in a mental institution, not the White House.

Any way you slice it, her career is kaput. Even if one of the rumors is true (and let's face it, odds are that at least one is fact), she is dunzo.

Do you think her personal life matters?


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