Glenn Beck's Beef With Levi's Ad Is Ridiculous (VIDEO)

levis commercialGlenn Beck is ticked off. Shocker, I know, but it's what he's so angry about today that has a lot of people talking ... and laughing. Beck is mad at Levi's jeans. He used to love Levi's, he says, but no longer. No longer! Not after their new commercial that aired during Monday Night Football. He's ready to retire his beloved jeans with their little red tags now that Levi's "Go Forth" ad campaign encourages "socialism" and "glorifies revolution."

And I just thought it was a beautiful, well shot ad that showed a bunch of hipsters chillin' in Levi's. Silly me.


Beck says the ad is "shocking" and he's really riled up about it. Using the fact that the ad was banned in the UK to support his claim that the images and voice-over incite violence and anti-establishment movements, Beck thinks the ad is too controversial for American markets, as well. Yes, the advert was temporarily pulled from airing in the UK, but it was because London was being ravaged by riots, and it seemed insensitive to air images that might possibly upset some people. It's airing in other European countries and now, obviously, in the US, too.

Beck's not wrong about the riot scenes; they're certainly in the commercial. Blink and you'll miss them, though. Interspersed with serene and bucolic scenes of hot chicks wearing Levi's are scenes of anarchy and maybe some disturbances of peace? I don't know ... I see some tear gas and some guys marching, but after watching the one-minute clip, I don't feel angry, or ready to confront the police, or inspired to revolt. I feel calm, as a matter of fact, and a bit ready for a trip to the beach. It also makes me want a pair of feather boa wings. That's about it.

Needless to say, I don't find the ad controversial in the least. (I've seen more offensive ads for UFC matches,, and Groupon, haven't you?) Not only do I not find the ad to be aggressive, I think it's quite pleasing. Reminds me a bit of a montage they might have done on Friday Night Lights. The voice-over is soothing, the imagery is quick and colorful, the message understandable: Go forth, be who you wanna be, buy our jeans so you'll look good doing it. Not really seeing Beck's point of view -- I think he should pick his battles a little better. Levi jeans are nothing to get your panties in a bunch about.

WATCH the "Go Forth" Levi's ad in question:

What do you think of the ad? Do you agree with Beck, or no?


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