'Lonely' Mom Who Had Sex With Her Son's Friend Damaged Both Boys for Life

cherish arroyo
Cherish Arroyo
It almost sounds like a riddle, or one of those mathematical word problems that forces you to figure out at what point two trains traveling at different speeds will crash into each other. But unfortunately, the following story is not hypothetical:

There are two teenage football players. They play on the same Arizona high school team. The first player's mother volunteers as the team treasurer. If the second player has sex with the first player's mother, which player will end up with deeper emotional scars? Will it be a.) the boy whose mother had sex with his buddy, or b.) the boy who thought it was kinda cool at first when his friend's mom came on to him but then it kept happening and dude, that's his bro's mom and she's, like, old.

Yeah, I don't know the answer either, though I imagine both kids will be "riddled" with issues for years to come.

There's another riddle I'm dying to solve here ...


What was this woman thinking?? Cherish Arroyo told police that she had sex with her son's underage buddy because she was "lonely," but there had to be more to it than that. If loneliness was her sole motivating factor, certainly she could have found more appropriate providers of temporary companionship at a local bar. Heck, even at the local gas station. Anywhere but the local high school!

Stories about grown women, like teachers, hooking up with high school boys have always given me a serious case of the creeps. I absolutely don't get the appeal -- I mean, seriously. Do you remember what boys were like in high school? They were too immature for us back then and we were the same age. Like Arroya, I'm in my mid-30s, and when I look at a teenage boy, I see somebody who could be my kid. That's it and that's all.

But the fact that this particular teenage boy was her son's teammate ... honestly, I actually hope there was something stronger than loneliness going on (like severe mental illness), because no antidote to being alone is worth the mess she just made of her son's life.

What do you think drove this woman to having sex with a kid on her son's football team?


Image via Maricopa County Sheriff's Office

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