Michelle Malkin Twitter War Brings Out Alec Baldwin's Racist Friends

Michelle Malkin Tweet

Alec Baldwin succeeded in making a really sad, emotional, and politically divisive event even worse by engaging in a childish Twitter war of words over last night's execution of convicted cop killer Troy Davis with Filipino woman Michelle Malkin ... have you heard of her? Besides being a Filipino American, she's also a respected TV news commentator and conservative blogger with nearly 200,000 Twitter followers and strong opinions about the death penalty that happen to run counter to those of Alex Baldwin, the marginally talented ex-husband of actress Kim Basinger. But all that is not as important as her race and gender, obvs, at least to all of Baldwin's like-minded followers who came out in packs last night with personal attacks and racial slurs, the level of which you almost can't believe you are reading on one of the world's largest public online forums in the year 2011.


Perhaps the most galling thing of all is that the high-and-mighty upholder of human rights, dignity of life, and equality Baldwin did absolutely nothing to stop them. I guess it's okay to be a racist when you are targeting a person that doesn't vote the same way you do.

I could just picture his smug-ass face, sitting there with his fancy MacBook, watching the racial bullets aimed at Malkin, and loving every minute of it. Else he should have told his "fans" to keep the discussion civil and centered on the topic at hand. Instead, those who were following the conversation were treated to a litany of gems like these describing Malkin:

Noodle-sipping hoe

Stir-fry noodle

Do you bleach your skin? Because you were really dark at a younger age.

Right wingers only see you as someone who should be doing manicures for their wife.

Go give someone a pedicure, chink.

You murdering stupid bitch.

There is no winner in the Troy Davis matter -- that should be pretty obvious by now. But if I had to pick a winner in the Baldwin vs. Malkin match, it would be Malkin, for not partaking in the name-calling ('Holly weirdo' and 'slime' is the furthest she goes) and allowing herself to succumb to the hypocritical bigotry of the Baldwin Posse, even rising above the sentiments of his "supreme followers" by pointing out how pathetic and unoriginal they are and highlighting some of her favorites cliches.

As for Alec Baldwin, uck. He should apologize to Malkin, but there's no chance of that. As for his ignorant followers, they might want to look up the definition of the word "hate" that Baldwin throws around so much. Whole thing just leaves a really bad taste in my mouth, and not because of his Schweddy Balls, either. [God forbid.]

Did you follow the Baldwin vs. Malking Twitter War? Did either side win?

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