Parents Sue to Kick Son Out of the House

matthew McConaughey in failure to launchAnd you thought Failure to Launch and Stepbrothers were just exaggerated Hollywood tales about grown men refusing to fly the coop. Ha! Turns out there really are men in their 30s and 40s who are still living at home and driving their parents bonkers. Take this 41-year-old who is still living at home with his parents in Italy. He won't leave, and he also expects his mama to basically be his personal slave. Things have gotten so bad that the parents have hired lawyers who have made it clear to the son that he has to move out in the next six days, or they'll ask the court for an order of protection.

Oh, dear! Honestly, on the East Coast of the good ol' U.S.A., you will find MANY young men -- and yes, women -- still living at home with their (often Italian or Jewish) mamas for a variety of reasons, but an underlying one tends to be that they're mama's boys/girls who just can't cut the cord.


Thing is ... I'd say most of these people are still in their 20s. Maaaybe early 30s. And 20 years makes a world of difference between them and this guy, who should have moved out and on with his life a LONG time ago!

It's not only a matter of his age. It sounds like his parents just can't take his demands anymore. At this point, they're not exactly turned off by the idea of being empty-nesters. The father recently said:

We cannot do it anymore. My wife is suffering from stress and had to be hospitalized ... He demands that his clothes be washed and ironed and his meals prepared. He really has no intention of leaving.

Oh, man, this guy makes The Situation and Pauly D look really well-adjusted! Craaaaaaazy, no? These poor parents! Well, then again, did they potentially set a precedent that they're now regretting? How old was this guy when he moved back in or has he never been forced to leave before? Trooouble ... either way, though, it sounds like he's really just crossed a serious line. Sending his own mother to the hospital? So not something a good Italian son would be cool with!

Obviously, the bottom line is he clearly needs serious therapy, and I hope that if he won't make that happen on his own, this court order makes sure it happens.

What do you think about this situation? Should the son be evicted?


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