Troy Davis Execution Leaves Heavy Hearts

Troy DavisTonight Troy Davis was executed in Jackson, Georgia, for the 1989 murder of Mark MacPhail, an off-duty Savannah police officer. Davis was killed via lethal injection and died at 11:08 p.m. It was a devastating and shameful moment for our nation.

There was hope early this evening with a request for stay to the U.S. Supreme Court, but around 10 p.m., that stay was denied. At 10:53 the killing began, and minutes later, he was dead.

He maintained his innocence until the end.


I can't believe in this country we can execute someone when there is ANY question about actual innocence. In his case there was more than a little doubt (SEVEN of the nine witnesses recanted their testimony against him!), and we may very well just have killed an innocent man. Even if he was guilty, the manner in which all of it was carried out is abhorrent.

And now he's dead. Who exactly is helped by that fact? No one, and hearing the accounts of the "witnesses" recounting his last words, the twitch of his head at the end, and the fact that he turned down his last meal feels barbaric and ugly and makes my heart hurt.

Justice was not served; vengeance may have been. Human rights were trampled, and a man -- a man who very well may have been innocent -- was killed right here in the United States of America as his family and supporters stood nearby ... helpless.

The only positive result his death can possibly bring is if it -- hopefully -- serves the purpose of causing the death penalty system to be reexamined. R.I.P., Troy Davis.

What are your thoughts on the execution of Troy Davis?

Image via 4WardEver UK/Flickr

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