Reasonable Doubt Means Death for Troy Davis, High Life for Casey Anthony

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While moments ago Troy Davis's execution was temporarily delayed, there is still no word on a stay for him. However, in these minutes or hours that may ultimately lead to the death of Davis, Americans on Twitter and around nation are asking a big, hard question about our judicial system.

The question: Why is Casey Anthony, a young middle class white woman accused of murdering her own child, walking around footloose and fancy free -- although guilty in the eyes of her own father and most Americans -- while Troy Davis, a poor black man accused of murdering a cop 20 years ago, awaits the death sentence despite so much doubt and lack of evidence that he even committed the crime?

Why? It's a simple question, right?


Of course, these two criminal cases are not the same, and when you dig deeper into their specifics, you may find no similarities. However, they are both very representative of high-profile cases in our country, in which justice may have been grossly miscarried in either direction -- especially in the eyes of public opinion. So whether or not the ins and outs of these two cases can be compared, they ARE being compared, and it is quite a painful comparison.

After all, none of us want to live in a country where our race may determine the justice our fellow citizens are served. Or a world where our class determines whether we get to live or die. It is too scary and heartbreaking to even fathom that this still may be the case.

However, today, as we wait out a final fate for Troy Davis, we have to stop and look. We have to question. We have to compare. We have to speak out. We have to try to make sense of it all. After all, this is the only way change is going to come. I know that sounds simpler and easier than it is, but it's true.

Here's what those out on Twitter have to say about the two cases right now:

goldietaylor goldietaylor
Casey Anthony is walking the street. Troy Davis is walking to the death chamber. Only in America.
Molly Ringwald.
ABCi_TheseNuts Molly Ringwald.
Casey Anthony is guilty and white. Troy Davis is innocent and black...
Paul Not Mooney
PaulMooney__ Paul Not Mooney
Casey Anthony walked free while Troy Davis waits to be executed must be nice to have the complexion for the protection
TheQuotesJungle Complicated
So Troy Davis gets killed tonight, and Casey Anthony got what again? I forgot...
Shenica Pierré †
viaRED_ Shenica Pierré †
Troy Davis:A man CHARGED w/ murder, but no evidence. Casey Anthony: A woman ACCUSED of murdering her child, ALL EVIDENCE but she's free? O.
Mr. Wise Guy
yaboysharrod Mr. Wise Guy
Casey Anthony had strong evidence that she DID IT... GOT OFF. Troy Davis has strong evidence he DIDN'T do it... DEATH PENALTY? smfh.
Mr. Wise Guy
yaboysharrod Mr. Wise Guy
Sooo, Casey Anthony got off without solid evidence, but Troy Davis getting EXECUTED without solid evidence? #JusticeSystemFAIL
David Castain
DavidCastain David Castain
Casey Anthony walks free&Troy Davis could be executed tonight
Ryan Hunt
RyanHuntMuzik Ryan Hunt
Casey Anthony is offered a book deal, but Troy Davis is only offered his last meal. Wake up America, our justice system is screwed #sososad
DeLaZoo Devin
Casey Anthony and Troy Davis are proof enough that the American judicial system is flawed, but its not changing.
Gustavo Cerati
InkMonstarr Gustavo Cerati
Today Troy Davis will be executed while Casey Anthony is somewhere tanning.
Casey Anthony got away w/her daughter dying.. 7of 9 witnesses admit to lying on Troy Davis & hes still supposed 2 die @ 7pm #IfDatAintRacist
Katelynn Bald
k8mnstr Katelynn Bald
Casey Anthony was found not guilty because of reasonable doubt. Today, Troy Davis will be executed in spite of it. American injustice system
Casey Anthony is out Partying with evidence while TROY DAVIS is bout to be put to death with no evidence. The Land of the Free, Yeah ok
Mrs. Killa Kill
Shay_Bigga Mrs. Killa Kill
So Casey Anthony goes free, while clemency for Troy Davis is denied! Smh #whataworldwelivein
ryanmtedder TEDDER BEAR
Troy Davis, a black man in GA falsely convicted of killing a cop in 1989 is being executed in 2011? And Casey Anthony is free? Oh ok.
mclaw3 M.C.
This Troy Davis situation is infuriating! They had more evidence against Casey Anthony.
Will Savage the BOSS
Will_Marley Will Savage the BOSS
Casey Anthony getting off but Troy Davis about to lose his life <
Moetown Lee
Moetown333 Moetown Lee
Casey Anthony free and Troy Davis to be executed. #OnlyinAmerikkka
Brittany Alexandra
B_Lucky17 Brittany Alexandra
Like the fact that Casey Anthony is walking around free and Troy Davis is on the line for the death penalty makes me sick
Benjamin Bixby
WaleFromMD Benjamin Bixby
casey anthony walks with evidence and troy davis dies with doubt
Jowin Okere
IamJowin Jowin Okere
Troy Davis gets sentenced to death with little to no evidence, Casey Anthony gets a little time in jail with strong evidence...I'm disturbed
Casey Anthony can get away with killing her kid but Troy Davis is going to be sent to death w/ little to no physical evidence?! Oh alright
AMM_BURRR boo-yaoww
Troy Davis dies by lethal injection and Casey Anthony is still free. I really just don't understand America....smh =/
Tom Hansen
Ishouldbworking Tom Hansen
Casey Anthony found not guilty bc of reasonable doubt. Troy Davis will be executed bc of reasonable doubt.
Stephanie AustinLong
stephiewrites Stephanie AustinLong
Devastated Clemency denied for Troy Davis There was more evidence connecting Casey Anthony 2 her childs death than Troy Davis to cop killing
Fly_Times FlyTimes
Troy Davis gets the death penalty and Casey Anthony walks. And Obama is letting this happen. You gotta fight for your rights.
Derrick Scott
derrickscott Derrick Scott
Is there no justice for Troy Davis!! Can't Obama just stop this nonsense w a full pardon. Yet Casey Anthony goes free.
Lydia Deetz
bodyinagarden_ Lydia Deetz
Casey Anthony got away with murdering her child, but Troy Davis is on death row when there's a high possibility he isn't guilty? Wow.
Kishan Munroe
kishanmunroe Kishan Munroe
So Casey Anthony goes free and Troy Davis gets sentenced to death... I have a serious problem with that. AMERICA NEEDS TO FIX THIS SYSTEM.

Have you compared Troy Davis's death sentence to Casey Anthony's acquittal today?


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