Tony Bennett Dumb Anti-American Comments Are Not His Fault

Tony BennettI'm starting to get a little worried about Tony Bennett in the same way I became concerned about my poor dear grandmother when she started showing up at my brother's biology class in her bathrobe. Not trying to be flip, conditions of the elderly are no laughing matter. I can't think of another possible explanation why the 85-year-old singer and former veteran went blabbering on about Americans being as much at fault for the 9/11 tragedies as the actual bad guys who really did it, especially when he has a brand new album out that he'd like those same "Americans" to buy. Where's the sense! If Frankie Sinatra was still around he'd knock some into him.

But the 9/11 insult that pissed 90 percent of the country off is not the most cuckoo-bird thing to come out of the crooner's mouth during that now-famous Howard Stern interview. If you had any doubt before that Bennett was losing it, this confirms it:


He said he was at that 2005 Kennedy Center event being honored or whatnot when former President George W. Bush whispered to him that the war in Iraq "was a mistake." He feels the former president confided this to him because he "took a special liking to him." Yeah. Okay, Grandma, whatever you say.

He was talking about the second President Bush, wasn't he, and not mixing him up with the first guy? But let's assume he was coherent back then and talking about the one who never apologized for anything, and would sure as hell never admit it to anyone if he did, least of all to ... Tony Bennett. Especially because he kinda liked him. Unless George Bush was suffering from some kind of memory loss, too. Or they were just both dumb. Now I think of it, that's the best explanation for this whole thing as any.

Anyway, thank goodness his PR people programmed him to apologize for the whole debacle. With luck they have advised Tony that, in the future, he should do himself a favor and the next time he opens his mouth about controversial issues, make sure Lady Gaga is there and they're going on about hookers. Have you heard their duet yet? It's the bee's knees!

What did you think of Tony Bennett's comments about 9/11?

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