Woman's Afro Searched by TSA Because, Yeah, There Could've Been a Bomb in There (VIDEO)

tsa afroIt's stories like these that remind me exactly why I shave my head before flying. Isis Brantley was just trying to get from Atlanta to her home in Dallas when the TSA gave her a hard time. They didn't care about the weight of her suitcase, or the size of her liquids, or the nail file in her purse -- they cared about her 'fro. As in, Afro. Because, guys, she could tooootally be hiding a bomb in there!

After TSA officials realized they hadn't checked Brantley's bouffant at the security checkpoint, they chased her down the crowded halls of America's busiest airport to dig through her hair.


Brantley described her ordeal as the TSA searched her head for explosive materials:

She took her hand and she started digging around in my hair several times, and I said ... Please don't do this to me. This is humiliating and embarrassing.

Oh Brantley. Humiliating? Embarrassing? Come on -- the TSA is just doing their job! See, if they don't humiliate and embarrass you at the checkpoint, it's totally cool of them to run you down and then start sifting through your hair like you're some sort of hair-bandit waiting to unleash your hairspray explosives like an evil villain right out of Austin Powers. Which is why, I'll remind you, I shave every piece of hair off my body and walk through the airports in a skin-tight nude bodysuit whenever I fly. It's called being pro-active. Ever heard of it?

Brantley is a hairstylist and hasn't cut her hair since she was 12 -- she's now 53. I doubt she'll consider taking my approach of taking it all off before her next flight, but maybe she'll consider a swim cap?

Ah, sigh, the lovely indignities of flying. They just get greater and greater, don't they? I feel for Brantley and her Afro. No word on whether or not Brantley was charged for an extra seat because of the size of her 'fro, but knowing the airlines, I'm sure she was.

WATCH Brantley tell her story to NBC:

Do you think the TSA was out of line for searching her hair?

Photo via nbcdfw.com

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