World's Worst Mom Abandons Kids, Then Sues Them

#1 momDo you remember having a fight with your mom when you were little? A fight where you thought she was the meanest, awfulest, most rotten mom in the whole wide world? And then do you remember a few days -- a few hours -- going by and realizing, "She's not so bad. I don't know what I was thinking"? Yeah, that's never happened to Ken Anderson. Well, the fighting part has, just not the "she's not so bad" part. Because his mother literally is the worst mom in the world.

When Ken was 15 years old, his mom, Shirley, totally abandoned him and his siblings after his father died, leaving them to fend for themselves. But then as the years went by without contact -- decades, if you're counting -- Shirley realized that her no-good kids actually owed her something. So she sued them, demanding they pay her $750 a month.


In 2000, Shirley filed a suit against her children under a rarely used section of the British Columbia Family Relations Act that makes kids responsible for taking care of dependents such as sick or aging parents (so the government doesn't have to). But I don't think this act applies to sick or aging parents who left their kids when they were teenagers.

So, why is this news-worthy now? Well, earlier this week, Ken asked for his mother's suit to be dismissed. He told the press, "I just wish this nightmare would disappear." (Without having to pay his bitch mother.)

Anderson's lawyer, who's working pro-bono, recently said: "After 12 years, both my clients and his siblings are entitled to have this matter resolved. I mean obviously, they've been under stress, they're working people, and we gave our arguments in court ... and the matter is reserved." Amen.

The thing that's most baffling to me about this whole mess isn't the absurdity of the case itself, it's the fact that Shirley, now 71, can actually live with herself. What kind of human being sues her kids who she left for $750 a month? That's beyond being a sociopath. That's, like, being the devil.

Hopefully, this stupid case that should have ended years ago is put to rest soon. Because it sounds like Ken can really use a break. And it sounds like his "mother" doesn't deserve a dime. No matter what the law states.

How awful is Shirley?


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