Mom Kidnaps Her Eight Kids From Foster Care & Goes on the Run

teddy bearIs it considered kidnapping if it's your own biological children? In the case of a New York mom, Shanel Nadal, who abducted her eight children from a foster-care facility, the answer is: most definitely.

Nadal has seven boys ages 4 to 11 (all named Nephra Payne after her husband), and an 11-month-old girl. The children were taken from their parents after a domestic abuse allegation and were split between three foster homes. But during a supervised, scheduled visit at a child agency on Monday, Shanel somehow managed to sneak all of the kids out of the facility and into a car outside where their father was waiting. 

So where is the family now? No one -- including the police -- has any idea.


Details of the domestic abuse allegation are unknown at the time; however, one of the kids' foster moms did make a point to say that Nadal isn't a bad woman:

She isn't a monster. She just loves her kids ... I cannot say I'm surprised she tried. She felt her back was against the wall.

And that wasn't the only clue she was going to snatch the kids and make a break for it. The day before the abduction, Nadal sent the foster mom the following text message:

I cannot live without my children. I cannot breathe without my children.

True, we don't know the nature of the domestic abuse and whether that means that these children are in danger. But judging solely on the above statements, this sounds like a mother so desperate that she would do everything and anything just to get her children back.

Unfortunately, Nadal's decision to kidnap her own children will likely make it even more difficult to get them back. If there's any silver lining, it's that she loves her children: Hopefully, she will do whatever it takes to keep them safe -- even if that means turning her family in to the police.


Image via ot/Flickr

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