Kim Kardashian Takes On Troy Davis' Execution

Kim Kardashian TwitterYou know an issue is important when Kim Kardashian is behind it. Literally. The reality star and newlywed has come out on her influential Twitter account to fight for the rights of death row inmate Troy Davis, the man facing lethal injection tonight in Georgia for a crime that it looks like he did not commit. She's using the Kardashian name and star power to further the cause, but she's not looking for the spotlight herself.

That says a lot both for Kardashian and for the case of Davis, who was convicted in 1991 of shooting police officer Mark MacPhail. The evidence is so thin, the probability of his innocence so likely, that people with reputations much bigger than his are coming out of the woodwork to rally support for the condemned man.


Some will laugh at Kardashian as they did in the wake of her Casey Anthony verdict prediction. Remember? She thought "tot mom" was guilty but saw room for reasonable doubt. But the daughter of a famous lawyer is known for using her Twitter account to make money for her lavish lifestyle. She's got to be careful what she does on there like any businesswoman. And what she's doing is making people pay attention to Troy Davis:

All he wants is a polygraph test 2 prove he's innocent & the judicial system can't give that to him? Let's make #TroyDavis a trending topic!

Kim's not the only one who's staking her reputation on this. Former President Jimmy Carter, Pope Benedict XVI, former Deputy Attorney General Larry Thompson, former U.S. Rep. Bob Barr, Nobel laureate Desmond Tutu, and one-time FBI Director William Sessions have all spoken out or written on Davis' behalf. They're asking the five-member Georgia pardons board to take him off of death row, to grant Davis' appeal to take a polygraph, to listen to the witnesses who have recanted their testimony from his trial.

And then there are the other celebrities on Twitter whipping people into a frenzy over Davis. People like author Terry McMillan, singer John Legend, and designer Kimora Lee Simmons. Check out P. Diddy getting straight to the point:

Call! Attorney General Eric Holder at 202-353-1555 urge him to intercede on Troy Davis rt to the world and Call rt now!

Together they prove you don't have to be a legal expert or have a Twitter following in the millions. You just have to take a few minutes out of your day and act on behalf of a man whose life hangs in the balance. You have to do as Kim Kardashian has done today -- put someone else first. 

Will you?


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