Smart 3-Year-Old Fires Gun During Mom's Drug Deal

shotgunFinding good childcare these days is impossible, am I right? That's probably why mom Shayla Sutherland had to bring her two young kids with her when she went to deal illegal prescription drugs out of her minivan in a Rite Aid parking lot in Marietta, Georgia. Sutherland, 28, was negotiating the sale of the drugs to buyer Brandon Donahue while her kids, ages 3 and 5, waited patiently in the backseat of their Chrysler Town & Country. Sutherland was thoughtful enough to leave a shotgun for them to play with back there, and man, did those kids have a blast.

The 3-year-old got a hold of the 12-gauge Mossberg, pulled the trigger, and shot a hole in the roof of the van.


Thankfully, no one was hurt, but the shot didn't go unnoticed. A passerby heard the firearm go off and called the cops. When the police arrived, they found that the minivan had been driven off by a friend of Sutherland's, leaving her hiding inside the Rite Aid and her kids in the backseat of Donahue's car.

The cops arrested both Sutherland and Donahue. Sutherland was charged with giving a false name and birth date, obstruction, using a cellphone in the sale of illicit drugs (what?!), and for an outstanding warrant for failing to appear. Donahue, who was most uncooperative with the cops, was charged with obstruction. Why neither was arrested for possession of a controlled substance is surprising to me and my Law & Order legal education, but I'll leave that up to the Cobb County Georgia judicial system. Sutherland and Donahue both posted bond and are awaiting trial.

Know what? Shooting a bullet through the roof of his minivan might have been the smartest thing that 3-year-old child could've done for himself (or herself -- gender is not specified in the report). It got the attention of a stranger, who got the attention of cops, who got the attention of the Department of Family and Children Services who are now investigating the case. Call me old-fashioned, but I don't think toddlers should be taken on drug deals and given loaded shotguns to play with. Tweens are one thing, but toddlers? That's not cool.

What do you think?


Photo via TehLonz/Flickr

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